den outbreak of Miao Park, the way Cisco Certification big kill the Quartet, and then they began to desperate to escape the way in the bloody shop. This fantasy is with a strong drama flavor, very legendary. However, the yellow fat and Youbao desire failed to achieve, Miao Park was the snake pumping fly moment, they feel that they will completely smash the fantasy, this gap between them unbearable, they feel an instant loss and helpless Snake tide and not because of Miao Park s flying and stop, a little adjustment to continue rolling... Many people can be mentally prepared for some purpose and sacrificed themselves, such as the moment of the yellow fat and Youbao, but all people are afraid of meaningless death and end, it is like the irony of life Generally meaningless and boring. Yellow fat.and Youbao desperate reason no, they face is overwhelming the Cisco Business Value Specialist tide of the tide, thirty or fifty meters away from no one to stop the words that is a few minutes, they are about to drown in these cold blooded torrent in. Youbao feelings and yellow fat about the same, but because of the reasons for the age of some more excitement, forced to pull the pull fat yellow brother, we go to save Miao Ge, big deal dead together.Ah Huang fat man nodded his head, the two will be desperate to move to the ground lying on the ground no longer action Miao Park there. On the yellow fat and You Baogang Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam Benhang a few steps, the situation once again changed. Miao Park lyin

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810-403 Selling Business Outcomes Cisco Cisco Business Value Specialist